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Louis Vuitton Handbag cheap sale

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I am a ordinary can no longer ordinary girl, like travel, like to pack provence, like early spring vacation series LV. But, before both can be hard to save money, and finally to achieve a hobby, and my purse all proportion. So, for a long time, I can only a ba ba di4 to computer, a dream which day covets LV <a href=""> Louis Vuitton world</a> suddenly become friendly luxury, let me grab the with ease.
Like most, not his honor LV bag, but a LV Louis vuitton double color heart-shaped clips. I love her platinum, gold of the purity of noble, I love her on the left atrium mark, as if the old lover and <a href=""> Louis Vuitton handbag</a> between the loyalty of branded an deep imprint together. Although know I never can only to computer is made, but the dark heart, or still smitten for her. Alas, who let I love to adorn article such as life small endowment poverty
To earn enough money, I'm of wuzhen backpack came to the west gate, numerous place. Talk Because a typhoon warning, so a lot of visitors to scare off, I be cool wind blow gently, rain showers in the town's quiet. Night, walk on the road, I like the <a href=""> Louis Vuitton purses</a> green flag to listen to the water balderdash.Good a dream water
"Ding!" What east east?Unexpectedly smashed the girl intelligent head! Through the dim lights, and I saw feet faintly flickering down, body, the finger touch. That is the cold metal texture Picked up XiQiao. Can I choose blackout?! Familiar again, on a <a href=""> Louis Vuitton </a> mark two heart left atrial LV double color heart! Collars Day! I am in the legend of the dream water that's true, but without reason I also walked into a dream?
Is stunned, a figure between miss, the subconscious, but saw the tears up the flash, too late, I had better than the LV ran after him: "sir! Please wait! You have something lost!" I put the LV exaggeration to heave in his face by the light before, I see a cold, with traces of the face, is not very handsome, but, difficult to move. However, I would really hope that he is not the master of <a href=""> Louis Vuitton outlet</a> heart-shaped eardrop, so I could not in good conscience in the premise is happy to hit the pie in
"Oh, yes, thank... thank you......" What, really is no pie, return the and, I turned to go. "That, thank you." Though the sound was very nice, but such language let I want to escape, what spaz is really! "I don't call 'the', I'm ZhangXiaoJie. If nothing important matter, you don't have thanks, bye." "That. " "To say with you I don't call 'the', my name is vivian." "ZhangXiaoJie," good voice rang, I finally or Wallace don't open step, "can, take me home. " What? ! The big in the darkness, the ancient town, a complete strangers man to call such a small girl, take your home? I play 120 heart have But, a drop of <a href=""> Louis Vuitton speedy</a> and oblivious, a look let me with love of people, isn't it, to believe in the one.
Oh, now, that a LV double color heart in my left ear collars, as I type rhythm chops, ha ha, such as shaking your mind, I married, object, is that will let me love of man, he has a nice name, summer night. He said that night, his fiancee left him for her engagement gift, just because she felt that only LV bags to line up her noble status. He said he planned to scrap that sad thing, but don't want to will have a girl to love no riches and honour its (allow me to steal smile. By the way, thanks to the success of the kindergarten teacher education). This, he says, the meaning of <a href=""> Louis Vuitton handbag</a> of collars, only his wife can understand.
B: yes, I know, LV of deep feeling and noble, not only to the bag bag, also give each a carefully designed jewelry. Like this only double color heart, the pure platinum collars, gold of noble, the two hearts on the left atrium, have only belong to LV imprint, guard, only belong to two hearts promise.


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